do you ever just cry because you’re you

Alright. It's good to know someone else is having then same problem? I ordered it very early though so who know? Did you?

I ordered it the day after it got ID’d. Would that qualify as sort of late? Still, I haven’t heard of anyone else who has gotten the email. It might be that they just mailed the wine red shirt. Although, I’m pretty uncertain. At least something is coming in the mail. 



so i got an email from shalex and i might have been have gotten the orange shirt after all? ??

I got it as well. I’m still confused about the whole situation. I guess we’ll find out if or when we get it in the mail. :)


school supply list:

  • headphones
  • portable charger
  • knife


when your brother gets into a heated argument with a pigeon and people start staring so you’re like


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